Wander Rewards Program

Redeem 1 free night at any hotel at wander.io, when you’ve booked 10 nights of lodging in your Wander account. We will take the value of the average rate of your 10 nights booked through wander.io to calculate the value of your reward night.

To redeem a free night:

  • When you collect 10 nights at any hotel in the world, we will send you a Wander Rewards Program Email with the average value of your free night, the breakdown and the promo code to redeem your reward.
  • Look for your desired destination, hotel and room.
  • Book your room, choose the social cause and organization you want to support through our 5 USD donation
  • Once you’ve made the reservation, add the promo code included in your Wander Rewards Program Email and then click redeem, this should be done before adding your credit card information.
  • A new total will show up , with the pending amount to pay once we have discounted the value of your free night.
  • If there is any additional amount left on your reservation add your creditcard information and confirm your booking.

Enjoy your trip while we change lives together!

Things to know

  • The value of a free night does include taxes.
  • The value of a free night does not include any resort fee or local tax.
  • The number of nights toward your free night will only be from finalized trips.
  • You can redeem your free night for a night of greater value and pay the difference.
  • You can redeem your free night for a night of lesser value and forfeit the difference.
  • You can redeem only 1 free night for each booking.
  • If you cancel a refundable booking before the hotel's cancellation deadline, you will be able to book a different hotel and room or use later you free night value.
  • If you cancel your booking after the cancellation deadline, you will lose your free night value.
  • We will give back as if you were paying for the night.

For help redeeming your free night, contact team@wander.io