What do you care about?

  • We want more children to laugh. Vitamin Angels is working with us to provide children with critical health-boosting vitamins that will put smiles on more young faces.
  • We want to raise the quality of people’s lives. Light up the World will bring with us clean energy to people in developing countries.
  • We want to empower people. Opportunity International supports entrepreneurs so they can grow as individuals while providing for their families and communities.
  • We want to protect our planet. WWF works to protect the Earth’s future and conserve nature. Our planet is in trouble and together we can make it better.
  • We want to give people hope during emergencies. Care International is the first to arrive and the last to leave when war erupts or natural disasters devastate.

let's change the world

what drives you to do good?

For us, it is the need to give back to the world we love exploring, to the people and communities that make each trip unforgettable. For you, it might be out of compassion, your commitment to a cause or just because it makes you feel better.

Whatever the reason, we have created Wander for you. So you can travel and build a better future with us and our partner organizations.

Find your cause and get traveling so Wander can start giving back!

book. travel. change the world.

we went on a journey to see how much good there is in the world, and how

much good is needed.

Spread the good. What the media is saying about us.
"People are always looking for more ways to give back through traveling. Now a new travel tool has made it easier that ever" Lonely Planet