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about japan

Japan manages to surprise you at every step you take. Good manners rule how people behave and it's amazing how polite the Japanese are. The country is full of beautiful small details that are captured in the majesty of a cherry blossom. Carefully maintained streets lead to stunning, sacred temples and restaurants offer exquisite dishes. Tokyo, Kyoto, Miyajima, Hiroshima and Kamakura are well representative of what you can find in Japan but you can also discover less visited treasures like Beppu where you can take a bath in a natural onsen. Kampai!

about tokyo

Tokyo is an amazing futuristic city blended with tradition; a mix that distinguishes the city from the rest of Japan. It's one of the most populated cities in the world, but moving around is easy thanks to the smooth public transport network. Tokyo is a cosmopolitan city like no other with a never-changing scene. There is a huge variety of cafes, restaurants, parks, shops, everything in a surprisingly quiet and clean city.

things to do in tokyo

Some of the things you must do in Tokyo are visiting the temples and shrines, which are calm havens within the city. Our favorite is the Sensonji that has a beautiful and peaceful pagoda we enjoyed after the madness of the Shibuya Crossing Street, which is the most crowded in the world!

Some of our favorite things to do in Tokyo include wandering in the Shibuya neighborhood to meet Japanese youth, visiting shops, fashion stores and eating in some of the many restaurants in the area. Ginza is another lovely neighborhood to stroll.

Visit the Tsujiki fish market really early in the morning to witness the tuna auction! Visit the parks, go to the top of a skyscraper to enjoy the views (or better yet, stay in one of the hotels located on top of them!).

To really delve into the city's energy and the ultimate urban experience surrounded by neon lights, fashionable teenagers, trends and a happening nightlife you have to visit the neighborhood of Shinjuku. If you want to get out of the most touristic areas and find some of the best shops and museums in the city you can visit Roppongi neighborhood.

If you want to have a really good tempura there is a small chain named Tempura Tsunahachiwhere you can find the perfect tempura with fresh ingredients. To have a great diner we would recommend you visit Kozue at Park Hyatt where you'll enjoy delicious food with a view.

Where to stay in Tokyo?

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