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Most people are familiar with Cambodia because of the fantastic and mystical archeological site of Angkor Wat. It really is one of the most incredible places we've been to. Beyond Angkor Wat, you can also enjoy the country in a deeper way. Cambodia is a country for people with an adventurous spirit. There are plenty of mountain landscapes and charming people that will make your stay even more satisfying. Ecotourism has found a place in the north of the country where you can live the nature in a way you have never experienced.

about siem reap

The temples of Angkor Wat are on the bucket list of most of the travellers. Siem Reap has been elected as a top destination by many publications and we totally agree with it. Cambodia is starting to get noticed and travelers to the country are increasing. We absolutely love this destination, the adventurous spirit of its people, the rural and lush landscapes and the charm of an untouched Asian country.

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The town of Siem Reap is the expression of all the things Cambodian. It's far more crowded than the rest of the country thanks to the popularity of its temples and because of this increasing tourism amenities have increased and improved and the city has great dinner spots and stylish hotels. As it usually happens in Asia, street food is very important and of course delicious. Eating dumplings in coconut cream at the street food stalls is a gourmet experience. We recommend the Phsar Chas or Old Market to try some of the best treats.

When planning your visit to Angkor Wat, start in the very early morning to enjoy the majesty of the place before it gets too hot and crowded. After exploring the main temples visit the temples outside the former circuit such as BanteaySrei; you'll find less people and you'll feel more connected to the places. To thoroughly plan your visit to the complex visit our post, A brief guide to Siem Reap.

To get around the city you can hire a bike or a tuk-tuk. However you choose to move around, make sure to pack some water for the hot weather. Enjoy Siem Reap's nightlife on the Pubs street or indulge yourself with a relaxing massage. Very close to Siem Reap there is the fantastic Tonle Sap where you can enjoy the floating villages and farms.

Where to stay in Siem Reap?

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