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From Perito Moreno to Iguazu Falls, Argentina offers nature in its purest form. Experiencing each one of its regions is a treat for the senses; enjoy a juicy cut of steak, the sensuous caress of tango, find adventure trekking in some of the world's most scenic mountains or spend a day among gauchos.

Buenos Aires deserves special attention. It's where visitors and locals enjoy the blend of cultures that have given rise to a vibrant capital where you can enjoy fantastic restaurants, traditional and colorful neighborhoods and all the creativity of Argentine bars, clothes and designer items.

about buenos aires

We can't get enough of this beautiful and vibrant city. There are so many things to do in Buenos Aires, great restaurants, art galleries, shops and bars.

Buenos Aires is special because it is a big Latin American capital with something that makes it special. It might be the architecture, the streets or the Argentineans' love of art and food.

Aside from the historic buildings in the city such as la Casa Rosada, El Obelisco, or La Recoleta Cemetery, what we like the most about Buenos Aires is walking in the parks, in El Tigre, which is a beautiful canal and enjoy the little details in each neighborhood.

things to do in buenos aires

The Palermo district is divided into two parts: Palermo Soho and Palermo Viejo. Both are beautiful and great places to spend an afternoon. Palermo Soho is one of our favorite areas of the city and is the perfect neighborhood to book your accommodations because it's centrally located and is a beautiful trendy place with plenty to do. Palermo Viejo is one of the trendiest areas in the city where you can find many designer shops.

San Telmo is another neighborhood that you must see in Buenos Aires, especially on a Sunday morning when the local antique market sets up, tango dancers appear and terraces fill with onlookers sipping cold drinks.

During a weekend you can go to Coyoacan Neighborhood, a bohemian style district where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera had their house, which is now one of the best museums in the city. A great option for weekends is San Angel, a cobblestone gorgeous neighborhood with colonial houses and a great arts and crafts market during Saturdays.

One of the most touristic and photogenic places in Buenos Aires is El Caminito. It's one of a kind for photography lovers. Tango, restaurants and vibrant colors abound!

Where to stay in Buenos Aires?

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Add Puerto Madero to your must-see places. It's a relatively new area in the city where restaurants and small luxury hotels have opened their doors. We especially love the Faena Art Center, which hosts temporary exhibits and its beautiful boutique hotel. Be sure to visit El Caminito; it's a small neighborhood with colored buildings, tango and a relaxed atmosphere that's ideal for relaxing with a cold Quilmes and take lots of pictures.

When you visit Argentina a parrilla (grill) is a must. One of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires for a fantastic parrilla is La Cabrera; a small restaurant with delicious food. You can also try El Baqueano for dinner, where you can have rare cuts and local ingredients. If you are in San Telmo neighborhood head to Caseros for a delicious and cozy meal

In our blog, thinkwander.io, you can read a complete post about things to do in Buenos Aires. We make suggestions like experiencing a tango show, attending a soccer game at la Bombonera or eating pizza in one of the traditional restaurants in Avenida Corrientes.


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