Wondering what Wander is

Welcome to Wander! We are making our debut to the blogging world today. We want this to be a space to share tales of adventures, fantastic experiences and unbelievable achievements. Consider it your online travel diary where you can share your most unforgettable stories with the world and us. best boutique hotels at wander.io We are proud to offer people like you a site where you can plan and reserve your trips while doing good at the same time.
Wander is a site travelers use to explore our world and live the experiences that will change their lives by combining traveling and helping.
Jose Saramago said “The journey is never over. Only travelers come to an end. But even then they can prolong their trip in their memories, in recollections, in stories. When the traveler sat in the sand and declared: “There’s nothing more to see” he knew it wasn’t true. The end of one journey is simply the start of another.” Booking through Wander, your trip will never end. On the contrary, it will be the beginning of something bigger: a journey that will give someone the opportunity of a better life, the chance of creating a better world. It’s exciting and rewarding!   Traveling is even more special when you are doing it with a great partner. Some of our partners are incredible hotels and not for profit aid organizations. Our select list of elite properties help make your trip outstanding. Our aid organizations work hard every day to make deep changes, actions that build both a better present and a better future for countless people. Our partners work to reduce inequalities, to eradicate injustices and to preserve our planet. Without them, Wander wouldn’t be possible. They are leaders in changing the world for the better.
Thanks for joining us in our movement “Good traveling for good people.” We hope you can travel with us and enjoy what this world has to offer so we can give back to those most in need.
Wander will be available for booking in September! Stay tuned until the launch. Let’s travel! Wander Team wander travel
2017-02-08 16:49:24
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"People are always looking for more ways to give back through traveling. Now a new travel tool has made it easier than ever" Lonely Planet