Taking action to support women


This month we’re celebrating women’s history month. It’s an opportunity to take a look at where women stand in the world and what actions can be taken to make things better.

The shocking facts

"Women must earn less because they are weaker, they are smaller, they are less intelligent. They must earn less. That is all." As shocking as it might seem, this is a statement made by a member of the European Parliament in February, 2017.

  • The definition in the Spanish dictionary for “weak sex” is “women group.”
  • On average women are paid 23% less than men (up to 40% less for African American women in USA).
  • 1 in every 3 women experiences violence.
  • 14 million girls are forced into marriage every year.
  • 85% of all refugees are women and children.
  • 800 women die daily giving birth.


As citizens of the world we can sit back and watch or we can take action.

We can teach our kids to respect their girlfriends. We can share domestic responsibilities at home 50/50 with our partner. We can educate in tolerance and respect. We can join marches. We can show our daughters strong female role models such as Marie Curie, Malala or Ela Bhatt (have a look at this Mythbuster on Women created by CARE) and we can support organizations working to improve women’s and girls lives around the globe.

Wander is committed to improving women's positions in the world. We have partnered with organizations that work toward the same goal. Whatever mission they’re involved in, they put a special focus on women and girls. Their programs are driving results and are creating powerful stories of women benefiting from health care, business opportunities and life changing support.

Supporting women

Empower - Opportunity International

According to UN Women, 70% of people living on less than $2 a day are women and girls. This means that women have the power to escalate the benefits of an increased income. When a woman works, she directly impacts the lives around her. She supports her family, educates her children and acts as a catalyst for the community.

Opportunity International provides access to banking and coaching for up to 14.3 million people, 95% of which are women, by giving them the opportunity to work their way out of poverty.

Women like Mary who lives in Ghana and received a loan from Opportunity International, are proud of what they have achieved: “I did this myself, with my own hands and a little help from Opportunity. I know I do not dream too big when I set my sights on my own dressmaker shop filled with busy seamstresses whom I have hired from my community.” You can read her story on how the loan helped her to transform her life and see how powerful this kind of help can be.


Learn more on how to empower a women through your hotel booking.

Humanitarian - CARE

CARE is committed to ensuring women and girls have the support they need. They do a complete approach helping women in many ways, education, health care for mothers, financing them and giving protection in emergency situations when they are more vulnerable.

CARE is committed to ensuring women and girls have the support they need. They do a complete approach helping women in many ways: education, health care for mothers, financing and protection in emergency situations when they are more vulnerable.

CARE is working on maternal and child health projects form 2017 through to 2020 in Benin, Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.

These projects will not only improve the lives of mothers and children. Their positive impact will ripple across entire communities. For example, their project SANI aims to improve nutrition in women of reproductive age (15-49) and children under 5 years in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

Another great project they’ll be working on this year is TEMPS, which contributes to strengthening prevention and mitigation of the effects of child, early and forced marriage of girls in Benin and Mali in high-prevalence areas.

Girls carrying water during the Yemen Crisis

In Syria they have reached approximately 1.9 million people, providing food and emergency supplies to families, kits to survive the winter, emergency medical equipment and support for women affected by the conflict.

Read how you can help bring aid to women where needed most with your hotel booking.

Children - Vitamin Angels

Although Vitamin Angels focuses its attention on providing life changing vitamins to kids under five at risk of malnutrition, they also take care of women during their pregnancy. The need for extra nutrients for pregnant women in developing countries makes them more vulnerable. Our partner Vitamin Angels provides expectant women with prenatal vitamins that deliver the essential nutrients to help a mom’s body support the growth and development of her baby in the womb.

They also serve moms promoting breastfeeding in the U.S. and worldwide providing expert recommendations for breastfeeding practices.


Learn how to give the power of vitamins to mothers.

Take action to support women now

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