Blooming cordoba

You don’t need an excuse to put Cordoba in your travel list. However, if you're looking for one anyways, the patios in May is a great one. The city and its citizens open their doors so people can enjoy the beauty of their patios.   It’s all about flowers blossoming on white walls and decorating the interior of the houses. The city is beautiful and walking in the streets is always pleasant, but everything improves with the color of the geraniums hanging in the pots, with the water in the fountains as a soundtrack.   Wander-Blooming-Cordoba-i2   The event takes place during the first two weeks of May (this year started in May 2nd and it will last until May 15th). The tradition was born thanks to the typical construction used by romans and muslims, where the main focus was in a central patio with a fountain or a well.   The Alcazar Viejo neighborhood concentrates most of the patios to be seen. The neighborhood starts in the Alcazar de los Reyes, which is a gorgeous palace that you need to visit, and the Parroquia San Basilio. The Jewish quarter hosts some beautiful examples too. You can find some itineraries to facilitate your stroll. Wander-Blooming-Cordoba-Village-i1   Delight your senses with flamenco performances on a patio exploding with blossoms during the event weeks. If you plan to visit this event you can find a lot of information here to make the most of your days.   I always enjoy visiting Cordoba, the food is delicious, the city is beautiful and people are fun. Having a cold beer (a caña) and a salmorejo on a terrace under the sun is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Try Casa El Pisto (plaza de San Miguel) or La Taberna Santos (Magistral González Francés, 3) for delicious tapas.   Wander-Blooming-Cordoba-i3  

Best hotels in Cordoba

Hospes Palacio del Bailio Hotel: this boutique hotel is located in the historical heart of Cordoba and it emerges as an inspiring balance between the past and the present. It has great facilities including an outdoor pool surrounded by attractive gardens and a sun terrace. There is also a tranquil spa with Roman baths! NH Amistad Cordoba: The NH Amistad Córdoba hotel is located in the historic heart of the city, next to an early 14th century synagogue and just five minutes from perhaps the most important edifice of our city: La Mezquita Cathedral. The hotel features a café, bar, gym, and solarium with a terrace with a view of the cathedral's tower. Las Casas de la Juderia Hotel: The history and architecture of this hotel makes it a singular and unique property for you to enjoy the city from.
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