5+1 gifts for your Valentine that give back

We wanted to give you some cool ideas for this Valentine’s Day. Good gifts that people will like getting and are related to our philosophy of having a sustainable business that gives back or is good to the world. We hope you enjoy our selection and get some great ideas to surprise your special one and have a positive impact on the world at the same time. I would love this list to start with a great weekend booked through Wander giving you the opportunity to support the social cause you feel close to. Unfortunately you can’t book your hotel through our site yet (coming soon!) but we're sure that this ideas will make your partner love you even more. good gifts
  1. LSTN speaker: We're obsessed with the Cherry Bluetooth speaker, it’s beautiful, sounds great and every purchase helps give hearing aids to someone in need through Starkey Hearing Foundation. Listening to your favorite playlist on this speaker during a romantic dinner in the park while enjoying a glass of wine with your valentine… can’t think of a better plan.
  1. Do you want to give something long-lasting and fashionable? How about a pair of Oliberté. They are not only comfortable, cool and great looking, they are premium quality shoes that are manufactured in Africa and support worker’s human rights. They have gained the honor of being the first Fair Trade Certified footwear-manufacturing factory. Check them out and walk with something that has a meaning!
  1. Same Sky has gorgeous jewelry pieces to wear and they make contributions to great causes. Through their products they give work to women in Rwanda and the USA and they reinvest proceeds into training and employing more artisans. On top of that they have made a great selection for this Valentine's Day with a discount! Even Bono has worn one of their cool designs, the Born to Run bracelet.
  1. Hand in Hand sets! Their bath and beauty eco-friendly products provide a month of clean water to children in need with every purchase. I especially like the White Tea fragrance which is very feminine and helps giving in many ways, the candle that will light your dinner will also empower entrepreneurs in developing countries to create jobs & strengthen their communities. WT Styled Set
  1. If your lover is a caffeine addict I have found the perfect gift. A great coffee manufactured by a Canadian company named Reunion Island. They have a very good product that’s fair trade certified and they give back in so many ways through different non profit organizations. The coffee is produced sustainably using renewable energies. Wouldn't you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee in a cozy blanket?
Your Valentine will appreciate a thoughtful present like these once they know how their gift has helped someone else. We know that for some of you the perfect Valentine is your four legged friend. So we have come up with an idea for them too. They give you so much love that you should indulge them on Valentine’s Day as well! Try Bogo Bowl products. They are high quality foods for dogs and cats that give back with every purchase by providing food bags for pets in need. Pets also deserve something good!   We hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day and you get lots of love, because that is all that matters! Wander Team
2017-02-08 16:15:30
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