What to do in Buenos Aires: The touristic way

We love to travel and when we're visiting somewhere new we try to explore and mix with locals to get the essence of the places we visit. We want to absorb everything about a culture. However, there are some times that playing the tourist and doing the main attractions can are a must and can also be a lot of fun. Here's our staff pick of the top touristic things to do in Buenos Aires.  

Experiencing a soccer match at La Bombonera

What to do in Buenos Aires La Bombonera_2 Here's what one of our staffers had to say about one experience from their last trip to Buenos Aires,
I went to La Bombonera to see a soccer match. It was Boca Juniors vs Velez, and the atmosphere was electric. The crowd was so excited! I’m more of a tennis type of person and soccer is not my thing, but that day at la Bombonera I felt like a true fan. I was screaming, singing and enjoying it along with the Xeneizes. The stadium is spectacular and you can feel all of its greatness. I had a great time and after the match we went for a Quilmes and a steak to celebrate that our team won.

Attending a tango show in Buenos Aires

Attending a tango show in buenos aires Another staffer posted her experience in Buenos Aires on wander’s blog. If you have read it (if not you can do it here) you will know that she enjoys slow traveling and visiting like a local, but she didn’t tell you she has some guilty pleasures too.
I was in Buenos Aires during a long trip I did through the Americas. I was lucky enough to explore most of the countries with locals. That wasn’t the case in Argentina, I didn’t know anyone in the city. We had seen tango couples dancing in many squares, in El Caminito, in San Telmo… However, we wanted to see a complete show. So we went to buy tickets to a Tango Porteño theatre! I know it’s like going to Spain to attend a flamenco show but I really enjoyed it! It was great to see all those amazing dancers performing with that strong passion that only tango music has. Sometimes these touristic stops can be entertaining and a great sample of a country's traditions.

Best pizzerias in Buenos Aires

Best pizzerias in Buenos Aires Yet another staffer has also enjoyed Buenos Aires and was eager to share her experience.
I’m a food lover. I really enjoy exploring a new culture through its dishes and restaurants. So, when I went to Argentina I was looking forward to explore that part of the country. Of course I ate from tasty parrillas in local restaurants and delicious food in places some friends had recommended. But I also did a quick research on my own and I found that many tourists visited Avenida Corrientes to eat pizza. I had to try it! The avenida is a very famous street well known for the pizzerias that have been there ages and the libraries and theatres that you can find along the way. Porteños love pizza and so do I! I went to Güerrín that was founded by an Italian in 1932. The pizza is thick and delicious. The place is packed especially after a attending a play but don't be scared of a crowd!
Tell us about your personal experiences in Buenos Aires in the comments section, we'd love to hear all about them. If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires you can book your hotel at wander and give back to the cause closest to your heart.
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