What to see in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of those destinations that can be visited more than once and you always find something new to enjoy. The vibrant capital is always reinventing itself. The city has the hustle of a big Latin-American capital. It’s lively and spontaneous but also well organized and clean, which I think it’s the perfect combination. On my first visit, I expecting to see a beautiful city with great food and friendly locals. I was not disappointed. The capital has beautiful buildings like la Casa Rosada, iconic monuments like El Obelisco, a picturesque neighborhood like El Caminito and La Recoleta Cemetery. When I look at the pictures from my trip I tend to recall more the moments and memories than any special landmarks or monuments.

What to see in Palermo Soho Buenos Aires

We stayed in the hip neighborhood of Palermo Soho, which is a great base camp to tour the city. We spent an amazing time in the capital getting to know its treasures and secrets. The pleasure of walking through the streets, a parrilla here, a design market there, a couple dancing tango in a small square, the beauty of the parks with all the jacarandas blossoming on top of you…   what to see in buenos aires I loved getting to know the city by walking, wandering around, observing the locals, slowly absorbing everything, taking time to gaze at a shop window or to sit on a terrace to sip a cold Quilmes beer.

What to see in San Telmo Buenos Aires

I strolled in San Telmo on a Sunday morning; the cobble stone streets with small squares, old majestic houses with couples dancing tango and the markets are a great way to spend the day. The neighborhood has beautiful architecture, a tango culture and a vintage market (along Defensa St.) that I enjoyed very much. For lunch, I recommend Caseros for their cozy atmosphere and delicious local food. what to see in buenos aires  

What to see in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

You must explore Puerto Madero. Once you cross the bridge designed by Calatrava  you’ll get into a whole different Buenos Aires. The district has been gentrified and has little in common with the old part of the city. Big buildings, great restaurants and new culture galleries are blossoming and converting the neighborhood into something new. Built in a big flour mill, you’ll find the Faena Art Center, a great renovation that brought a new art scene in a great industrial architecture environment. There are many small luxury hotels in Buenos Aires and you can find one of the best in this building. The Faena Hotel is a boutique hotel that pays great attention to detail and design, staying there is a fantastic experience. You can make your reservation at Wander, our socially responsible site and help the cause close to your heart (wander.io will be available in September). After walking the neighbourhood and visiting the new expos you can rest in a terrace by the river and enjoy the atmosphere with a glass of Malbec. what to see in buenos aires We were in Buenos Aires for almost a week so we had the chance to explore the city without being rushed. If you also have time and the weather is warm, you can go on a weekend to El Tigre, north in Buenos Aires. I enjoyed walking by the river and looking at the fantastic houses along its shores. Try spending the day hanging out in one of the private clubs or one of the public beaches. I took a beautiful walk by the park, porteños and loved hanging out in them enjoying mate tea. I went to El Caminito one morning. It’s only a few blocks and it’s very touristic and great for pictures. Color is everything! what to see in buenos aires
We were staying in Palermo Viejo and got to know the neighborhood little by little. We would explore the streets, shops, and buildings before having dinner in one of the many squares and hidden spots. As usually happens in Buenos Aires, on weekends the markets pop up and you can find in Palermo a crafts festival where you can check out the Argentineans’ creativity. If you are a design lover, make sure to explore what the neighborhood has to offer. It is the most creative area in the city and has plenty of boutiques, ateliers, deco shops and new independent designers that coexist in this vibrant area.

Best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Restaurants in Buenos Aires are great and always improving. You can choose from small local eateries with simple food, creative and modern cuisine, fancy designs or informal street food. I had great food in Argentina and I’d say that I had my favorite parrilla in La Cabrera. It’s a small place and diners are squeezed in for outstanding food. Meats are thoughtfully selected and cooked to perfection, juicy and tasty; but the starters… Wow! They are even better! Of course it’s one of Latin America’s 50 best restaurants so you might have to make reservation. El Baqueano only opens for dinner and you have to make reservation! They serve a menu with exclusive local cuts that will give you a chance to open your mind to new flavours. Argentina has much more to offer than a fantastic capital. After leaving Buenos Aires I headed south to Bariloche, La Patagonia, Las Torres del Paine and then back to north to La Pampa, Las Misiones and the spectacular Iguazu Falls. I had great time in the country with fantastic hikes, gorgeous natural landscapes and authentic gaucho experiences, but that will make another post! Tell us in the comments section about your favorite spots in Buenos Aires so we can enrich other travelers' experiences. P.S.1 If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires you can book your hotel at wander and give back to the cause is close to your heart (available this April). P.S.2. If you want to know about other things to do in Buenos Aires that are very touristic and fun you can read our post about "What to do in Buenos Aires: the touristic way".
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