What to do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a paradise for outdoor fans. There are tremendous hikes, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, special traditions and great options for entertainment.   I think islands have something special about them. It's about knowing that you are surrounded by water, that the space is limited. I think it helps to disconnect from the rest of the world. What to do in Hawaii  

What to do in Hawaii


If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you’ll find plenty to do. One of our favourite things to do, as you might already know, is hiking. Every island has its own particular beauty and each one offers trails to explore where you can take in the landscapes. Our favourite is the Summit area in the Halekala. Here are some other options for you to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. Remember to bring sunscreen, food, water and your hiking boots for whatever your choice is!  

Hiking in Maui

Exploring the Halekala National Park in Maui is a great experience. The steep land offers you several options from short walks to long distances. Hiking the summit is something we really like. The volcanic geology makes it feel more akin to a dessert trail where the crater is the main event. It is a great contrast from what you find on the beaches and in the greener parts of the island. If you prefer hiking in the jungle, try the Kīpahulu Area. What to do in Hawaii

Hiking in Kauai

In Kauai there is a beautiful and impressive hike in the Waimea Canyon, also known as “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific”. There's a great panoramic view on this trail that's sure to get your camera out. Get off the main trail and try a 3 hour hike to the Canyon trail for a glimpse of  the waterfall. The Kokee Museum is great experience that's worth looking into.  

Hiking in Oahu

The most famous trail on this island is the Stairway to Heaven hike, also known as the Haiku Stairs. It's a steep trail that gets you to breathtaking views. However, the stairs have been closed to the public officially for 30 years. There is a non for profit that is fighting to open them again. Check for updates to see if they've made any progress.  


It's no secret that Hawaii is a surfer's paradise. If you want to catch some of the action of this amazing sport, head to the world famous North Shore where experts ride perfect, pounding waves. There are some schools where you can learn the basics of surfing, the most famous are in the Waikiki beach because the calm waters are a great place for your first hours on a board. what to do in Hawaii In west Maui you can also find easy waves for your first lessons. In Lahaina the reef prepares the perfect scenario for practice. This town is now a hotspot and the place to be, especially if you love art. There are a number of art interesting galleries to look into. The food scene is great here too. New restaurants are bringing excellent options to their tables, and places like the Mala Ocean Tavern use local ingredients that promote sustainability to create delicious dishes. If you are traveling during the winter, whale watching is another great way to spend the day on the water.  

Lay back in Kauai (or don’t)

If all you want to do is find peace, sit back and read a book or walk among spectacular places, your best choice is this little island. Kauai is one of the least visited islands of Hawaii and has more of a relaxed atmosphere. Po’ipu beach is our favorite by far. It is quiet and magical. Everything in this island is not about lying down. As we were saying before, the island offers some great trails with breathtaking landscapes of the jungle both in the Waimea Canyon and the Kokee National Park. Golf players can at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa course and the Poipu Bay Golf Course. Diamond Head Honolulu

Best beaches in Hawaii

Most popular beach in Hawaii is Waikiki. It's a beautiful beach, but too crowded and its beauty is a bit lost amongst the resorts, restaurants and tourists. If you want to experience a more natural environment, where you'll have a better chance of enjoying clear waters and the sand in a quieter atmosphere, you might have to try other hidden gems. You can visit the Kauapea beach (also known as the secret beach) in Kauai, you'll have to walk for fifteen minutes to reach this secret spot, but you won't regret! Kauai is also home to one of our favorite beaches on the islands: Polihale Beach. Polihale is a remote beach in the Polihale State Park. A rough road winds through sand dunes to this small piece of paradise. If you want to see a different landscape, head to Honokalani Beach, in Maui. There you'll find a beautiful black sand beach surrounded by the jungle. If you are traveling with family and you need quiet waters to enjoy with the kids, you can go to Hilo Beach, in the Hilo region of the big island where you can also snorkel.  

Where to stay in Hawaii

Best hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii

Halekulani Hotel: this beautiful boutique resort is on the famous Waikiki beach. It has lush gardens surrounding the property. The Royal Hawaiian: Also on Waikiki beach. We love this luxury collection resort, with beautifully decorated rooms. It is a perfect place to stay on this iconic beach. what to do in Hawaii  

Best hotels in Maui

Napili Kai Beach Resort: Located in Lahaina, this beach condominium resort is close to the Kapalua Golf Resort Bay Course and Oneloa Beach. Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa is a luxurious complex located on the southwest shore of the Maui Island. Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort - is by the sea and minutes from Mokapu Beach and Ulua Beach.   Wander.io will be available for hotel booking in the fall of 2016, with your hotel reservation you'll be able to support the social cause you care about at no extra cost.
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