If what you are looking for is not covered below, send an email to booking@wander.io.

reservation process

How do I know when my reservation is confirmed?
Immediately after you complete the reservation process, you will receive a confirmation page (on screen) and a copy will be sent to you via e-mail. If you don't believe you received the e-mail, be sure to check your email filter settings and any mailboxes that hold filtered mail. Your confirmation page will include your confirmation number, dates, room rate, and all other necessary details. Although you do not need this page to check-in, we encourage you to print it out for your own reference.
What is a confirmation letter?
The confirmation letter is your booking detailed information that includes:
  • Confirmation Number
  • Hotel Name, Address & phone
  • Guest Name
  • Check in and Check out dates
  • Number of rooms and type of room
  • Rates
  • Hotel's cancellation policy
  • Additional hotel policies
  • Do Good details
What do I need to check-in?
In order to check-in you will need a valid government issued ID and a credit card, it doesnt matter that your booking is already paid. Some hotels ask for a credit card during check in process, just as a room guarantee. A printed copy of your confirmation letter is always best practice when checking in.
When will I be charged for my reservation?
At the time you make your reservation you will pay the full booking amount. During the reservation process you will be able to review & accept the hotel policies & terms and the total amount you have to pay. Consequently, in order to make the reservation you'll need a valid credit card.
What payment forms can be used?
We accept major credit cards and PayPal. Before confirming the booking you will be able to view and choose the desired payment form.
What do I do if my credit card is rejected
Please make sure to use a valid credit card. You credit card number must be entered in consecutive numerals; do not include "spaces" or "-". Also, be sure to check that there are no blank spaces at the end of the credit card number. Finally, make sure that the expiration date of your credit card is after the departure date which you are attempting to book.
I cannot make my reservation, what can I do?
If you cannot make your reservation online for any reason, please email us with the details at team@wander.io, we are happy to help you with your booking reservation.
What does it mean when I get a Technical Error message?
This message means that there was an error in the reservation process. This is usually caused by trying to bookmark a page in the process, but can also occur if there is a disconnection to the hotel's reservation system. Please try again, but if you continue to experience difficulties, let us know by emailing us as team@wander.io.
What taxes and service/resort fees will I pay?
Taxability and the appropriate tax rate vary greatly by location. Your purchase is subject to state and local sales taxes; we will apply the taxes in accordance with the laws in the selected country. There are many properties that charge a mandatory nightly surcharge, service or resort fee, the hotel imposes the amount, and sometimes it must be paid directly at the property. Wander does not charge any service fee.
How can I book an accessible room?
Most of our hotels have accessible facilities for their guests, although we can't guarantee them. To confirm if the hotel of your preference has it, please review the property information. When you are ready to book your hotel, make sure to fill in the "special note" box provided with your accessibility needs.
Does my accommodation have parking? Does it have extra cost?
You can review all the amenities included in the property information. If the parking has an extra cost you will also find the information there.
What amenities does my hotel offer?
The hotel's amenities and features are listed in the property's information section. Please check them before you book a room, if you have any questions you can contact the hotel or our customer service at team@wander.io.
If you have specific requests make sure to submit them in the special note box provided for this purpose on the reservation process. We cannot guarantee you will receive the amenities you need so we strongly recommend you to confirm with the hotel prior to arrival, you have the hotel contact details in your confirmation page.
Is my hotel pet-friendly?
Sometimes the hotel allows pets but there may be additional restrictions or fees. To best know about all conditions you can contact our customer service at team@wander.io, we will be happy to confirm specific conditions and availability for you.
How many rooms can I book through Wander?
You can book a maximum of 4 rooms with the same check-in and check-out dates.
Can I check-in / out early or late?
The availability to check in early or late will depend on the hotel policies and possibilities. If you need an early or late check in / out we strongly recommend you to fill in the "special note" box provided with your needs and contact our customer service at team@wander.io although we can't guarantee it.
Can I make a reservation for another person?
Yes, you can make a reservation for another person.

confirmed reservation

How do I cancel a reservation?

Sign in to your account and click on "trips". View your booking, go to "action" column, you will see a red X, click on it, you will see the cancellation policy. If you agree with it click "accept" and your booking is cancelled. A cancellation email will be sent to you. If you have any questions regarding your cancellation you can contact our customer service email at team@wander.io

I had to cancel my reservation, when will I get a refund?
Reservations cancelled online prior to the agreed cancellation policy typically take 7 - 10 business days to post back to your account. However, some refunds can take up to 30 days or the next cycle to post to your credit card statement, depending on your financial institution.
How do I change an existing reservation?
If you need to make an amendment, please cancel and re-book for the new dates or room type. Before cancelling please be aware of the cancellation policy which was accepted at the time of booking. Upon receiving confirmation of your new reservation, proceed to cancel your original reservation.
How can I review my confirmed reservation?
You can review all your bookings and movements with Wander online, securely logging your account in our homepage. Clicking on "my account" and clicking the drop down menu and selecting "trips". You can review your reservation details. In your account you will find a list of your reservations and all their details, you can directly print them out.
I am having problems with the property; can you help me?
Yes we can help if you are experiencing something that it is not what you were promised and the property representative is not able to help, please contact our customer service at team@wander.io we will work directly with the property to solve your problem.
Cannot find record of my reservation
If you cannot find record of your reservation in your Wander account, you may have confirmed it under a different username (email address). Or, you may have used a different website. If you are sure you booked your reservation through Wander and are experiencing difficulty locating it, please email customer service at team@wander.io and we will assist you with your issue.
How can I get a receipt for my hotel booking?
Your confirmation letter is your hotel booking receipt. If you need a copy, sign in to your account and click on "trips", view your booking, go to "action" column, click on the eye to "View Details" and click "print"

wander's site

Do I need to register?
Yes, during the process of confirming your first reservation on Wander, you are asked to register. You are required to enter your name and a username (your e-mail address) and choose a password. In the future you can conveniently access to your reservations and profiles. Registration is for your benefit only, it protects your reservations and information by only allowing access to it with the username and password you select. The registration to receive our newsletter is optional.
I forgot my username, how can I find it?
To make things easy, your username is the email address you used to create your account. You can log in by clicking on the top right hand corner and tap the login button.
What's in Wander's newsletter?
Our newsletter will inspire you to travel to new places and includes personal stories of people that have improved their lives thanks to your reservation. Wander's newsletter sums up all our knowledge and presents it in a way that becomes inspirational for you and your next journey. You'll also find news about our good causes and the job our partner organizations are doing as well as the contributions we've been able to give thanks to good travelers like you.
I want to receive your newsletter, how can I subscribe?
You can start receiving good news in your mailbox by filling out the newsletter form.
How can I unsubscribe to your newsletter?
For your own comfort, every newsletter we send you has at the bottom a link to unsubscribe or feel free to email us at team@wander.io. We understand you don't want to receive thousands of emails, but we would love to know what we could do better so you find our newsletter useful and interesting. Please, submit your suggestions here.
Is my credit card information protected?
Of course it is! The security of your credit card and personal information is our top priority. We keep confidential information safe through the highest security standards. For more information on the security of your information, you can view our Privacy Policy.
Is your website secure?
We take pride in using standard encrypted technology over SSL to ensure communication is encrypted.
What happens to my personal information?
Your personal information and any additional details in your Wander account are kept in a safe and secure environment and can only be accessed by using the username and password associated with it. Your information is never sold, given away or used without your permission. Please read the Privacy policy for more information. Please be aware of scams and fraudelent emails and if you have any doubt feel free to email us at any time team@wander.io.

about wander

What is Wander?
Wander is an online travel booking platform that offers you the best hotels at the best rates and provides 5 children vitamins for 1 year with each reservation. We work with the best hotels through a streamlined platform to provide the best traveler experience. Moreover, our good travelers will have as guests the opportunity to change children's lives with their hotel reservation.
How does Wander work?
The process is very simple, you make a reservation, and we provide children vitamins for 1 year through our partner organization Vitamin Angels. Once your trip has taken place, the contribution to Vitamin Angels becomes effective. In your confirmation page and confirmation email you will have all the details of your reservation. You can also see all the contributions Wander has made here.
Where is Wander founded?
Wander Travel Inc. is legally registered in British Columbia, Canada. The founders are Mexican and American and we have offices in Vancouver, New York, Playa del Carmen and Barcelona.
Who is behind the project?
When we put together the two things we love: travel & help others, the result was Wander. So we teamed up with a powerful team of dedicated professionals with wide experience in the tourism and tech industries, good hotels who support our cause by providing competitive prices & excellent service and Vitamin Angels and outstanding non for profit organization who is doing an incredible job empowering children in their development years and most importantly travelers that support this amazing project who love traveling in the most stylish and authentic ways and who want to give back something to the world they love to explore, just by traveling.
Do you have an App for Wander?
It is in the works and planned in our pipleline and we are working hard on getting one out to you.
Why another hotel booking platform?
We believe that you can do what you love and do good at the same time. We know the travel industry well and we wanted to improve it, go a step forward. We dreamed about having a tool that could help travelers to find the best hotels at the best prices and contribute with it to make the world a better place. So we created Wander, the first online travel agency that allows you to book the best accommodations and support the cause you care about without any extra cost.
Can I use Wander's logo for my website?
Yes, we want you to spread the word about Wander as much as you want so if you would like to use our logo you just send us an email to team@wander.io with your intentions and contact information. We will review your request and get back to you with the appropriate information.

doing good

How can I trust Wander?
Our mission is to improve the state of the world through our travelers reservations, allowing them to do what they love and do good at the same time. We are committed to deliver our business promise every day with every reservation. Please review our contribution report here
Does the contribution have a cost to me?
No, it doesn't! The contribution comes entirely from our profits. You will enjoy the same prices and the same service standards at the hotels as any other guest; the big difference is that you will be helping others when choosing Wander.
Do all bookings generate a contribution?
Yes they do. Each and every booking done through our website generates a contribution by providing 5 children vitamins for 1 year.
Do I get a receipt for my contribution?
Since the contribution is made from our profits we cannot provide a receipt for it. However, the information about the contribution made on your behalf is in your confirmation email and in your account at wander.io
I want to share my story and experience through Wander, how can I do it?
We love hearing about your experiences and so do our good travelers, email us your story and Wander's experience to team@wander.io with you pictures to be featured in our website.
You can also share your experience in our social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube using the hashtag #mygoodtraveling. By submitting this information you retain the copyright to your content, but you grant us a license to use and display that content on wander.io and its social media.

Spread the good. What the media is saying about us.
"People are always looking for more ways to give back through traveling. Now a new travel tool has made it easier than ever" Lonely Planet