Opportunity International unleashes the power of entrepreneurs in the developing world. Their innovative financial solutions allow more people to expand their businesses, create jobs and change the world. Today they have financed 14.3 million entrepreneurs in 24 countries around the globe.

To learn more about Opportunity Intl visit opportunityinternational.ca

what they do

  • Make banking more accessible in developing countries
  • Support local microfinance organizations
  • Train entrepreneurs to create successful businesses
  • Empower business women to overcome poverty
  • what we do

    Your stay empowers business women to overcome poverty

    Microfinance Invet in Change


    Invest in a sustainable approach to overcoming poverty with a long lasting change

    Community Make Banking Accessible


    Make banking more accessible supporting local microfinance organizations to empower entrepreneurs

    People Train Entrepreneurs


    Train entrepreneurs to strengthen their business and develop their communities

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