There are 1.3 billion people in the world that do not have access to electricity. Light Up The World (LUTW) provides sustainable energy and clean light to remote communities in 54 countries as a catalyst for sustainable development.

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what they do

  • Bring sustainable electricity to families in indigenous communities
  • Install solar energy systems and technology as a catalyst for development
  • Invest in training for local technicians
  • what we do

    Your stay changes lives through access to sustainable energy

    Power Replace Tech


    replacing expensive and inefficient tech with renewable energy systems to provide electricity to power lights, radios and charge cell phones

    Invest in People


    investing in people is at the core of successful community development projects

    Sustainability Continue Projects


    make sure projects continue to provide benefits for people long after installations are completed is vital

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    "People are always looking for more ways to give back through traveling. Now a new travel tool has made it easier than ever" Lonely Planet