Vitamin Angels is a charity that provides life changing vitamins to over 51 million children under five and mothers at risk of malnutrition. Vitamins can help reduce preventable illness, blindness, and in severe cases, even death. With good health, children can better enjoy their childhoods and have the opportunity for a brighter future!

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what they do

  • Provide children under five with vitamin A
  • Give children deworming treatments
  • Provide prenatal vitamins and breastfeeding education to pregnant women and new mothers
  • what we do

    Your stay provides vitamins to a child for an entire year

    Vitamin Angels Deworming


    killing parasites can eliminate worms in children and stop parasites from absorbing critical nutrients a child needs to develop

    Vitamin Angels Vitamins


    can improve lives, malnutrition can disrupt physical and cognitive development in children under five years old

    Vitamin Angels Prenatals


    give the power to breed hope, prenatal vitamins deliver essential nutrients so more babies can survive and thrive

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