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You get a great deal on a hotel and we give part of the booking to a cause of your choosing.

That's it, it's a win-win situation.

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We believe that feeling good is all about doing good,

even better if you can do it while traveling!

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+250,000 hotels

+250,000 hotels

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+47,000 destinations

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Great Rates

Positive Impact Guaranteed

Positive Impact

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Find a hotel in your destination. By booking a hotel you can change real lives.

Buenos Aires, BA, Argentina

542 hotels
Things to do & Hotels in Buenos Aires

Chicago, IL, United States

334 hotels
Things to do & Best hotels in Chicago

Cordoba, Spain

123 hotels
Travel tips

Dublin, Ireland

370 hotels
Best hotels in Dublin

Hawaii, HI, United States

22 hotels
Things to do & Hotels in Hawaii

Istanbul, Turkey

1836 hotels
Best Istanbul hotels

Kyoto, Japan

385 hotels
Things to do & Best Kyoto hotels

London, United Kingdom

1850 hotels
Best Hotels in London

Mexico City, Mexico

399 hotels
Best hotels in Mexico City

Miami, FL, United States

407 hotels
Things to do & Best Miami hotels

New York, NY, USA

788 hotels
Best hotels in New York City & Manhattan

Paris, France

2302 hotels
Best hotels in Paris

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